The mobile device repair industry is due for a change

The mobile device repair industry is due for a change.  Fix Mobile Repair is committed to providing a better, more enjoyable and professional experience for the customer.  Our mission is and always will be to be a 100% customer centric company.  We are a family owned and operated business and have since our inception been not only excited and motivated to not only learn about the technology field, but to be a thought leader in the space where we could be ahead of the new trends and evolution of the ever-changing tech space.  In today’s market, the average household has in excess of 10 devices which need fixing on a regular basis combined with people’s increased reliance on technology, virtually everyone needs a professional and accountable team to provide technology repair services.

With this growing trend in the market, Fix Mobile has opened two corporate locations and turned to franchising the technology repair model in order to answer the growing market demand.  The Fix Mobile Repair franchise model is designed to offer an amazing value proposition for a relatively lower initial investment when compared to other fixed location retail businesses.  The gross profit margins are high on our work in that we have been able to leverage relationships to get better pricing on parts and supplies and our structured process provides accountability and on time deliverable repairs for customers.

The Fix Mobile franchise model is a complete business system with training, support, ongoing guidance, branding, supplier arrangements and everything else you need to build a business in a short timeline and with less mistakes along the way.  You can count on us as a strategic partner in your business, providing all of the management experience, background and investment we have made into the business model.

We are excited to meet you and would love the opportunity to learn more about how Fix Mobile might be a part of your future!

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