Cell Phone Repair Franchise made different

Let's start off with the basics.  You might be asking yourself "I've never been in business before and don't understand or know the FIRST thing about a cell phone repair franchise".  Or your thoughts could be more to the tune of "I own 10 mobile phone repair shops already so why would I want to look at this industry which I'm totally at a loss on understanding".  Well FIX Mobile has something to offer the most seasoned hands off investors to the novice business person, including our own in house mobile phone repair training.  Our track record is as follows.

*Successfully founded and operated by a Marine Corp. veteran with NO prior business experience

*With a growth record of 5 retail locations in 6 years in business

*A dedication to servicing clients at a fair price and re-couping inital investment with a goal of 6 months from opening each new store.

If you are interested in having fun, being part of a winning team, gaining more financial freedom and professional growth... don't wait email us at the address below or call your local store.  Destiny waits for no one.