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FIX Mobile, YOU, the customer and your needs ALWAYS COME FIRST! This is the small business attitude we have adopted and what our company is founded on. We welcome you to our website and want to let you know we appreciate your business and seeing you happy is not only what keeps us in business, but keeps us motivated to keep turning those bolts and screws!

Cracked screens, water damage, and dead batteries shouldn’t be a reason for you to pay high costs to get a new phone or pay HIGH deductibles to insurance companies (many of which send out refurbished devices to you anyway). Bring these problems to us for a speedy, inexpensive, quality, and professional experience without the hassle or frustration of going elsewhere!


aboutour team

Our repair specialists are fully trained to fix virtually any issue you’re likely to come across. We are proud of who we are and what we can accomplish for you. Stop in or give us a call today and see what we can do… [ + ]

Walk-In Repairs

We offer many different types of cell phone & tablet repairs to our valuable clients. Not sure if we can fix your device?

Not a problem. call us today at (610)751-8057 for our Allentown location or (484)903-3728 for our Easton location
if you don’t see your device on the site. We typically can fix phones in under an hour and no appointment is necessary!


Easy way to get your phone repaired


Broken screens, water damage, jammed home button, battery not charging, camera not working, or distorted sound; no matter the problem, we can fix it!



It’s as simple as mailing your device to our Allentown location @ FIX Mobile LLC, 3300 Lehigh St, Allentown, PA 18103. Send us an email with the tracking so we can keep a look out for your device.



Your mobile device will be repaired so fast it will astonish you. The completion time frames for most repairs are completed within a 20 minute time frame (without sacrificing quality).



Your mobile device is packaged and returned as good as new. After the repair, you will receive your phone within 3-4 business days. We use USPS Priority to ship the device right back to you @ NO CHARGE!


Android Lollipop

We LOVE repairing almost every and any android device on the market! From the early HTC Evo series all the way to the NEW Samsung Galaxy S7 series we’ve seen (and fixed) just about everything.

Apple iOS 8.0

iOS device repair is the most popular category currently in the market. And it’s pretty easy to see why when the iPhone is the most popular smartphone series out there. Our technicians have successfully repaired iPhones that met cars, washing machines, toilets, angry dogs, and even BABIES! Seriously though… Don’t ever think your iPhone is too far gone to repair. We promise to amaze you!

Windows Phone 10

Even though still not as popular as Android and iOS device repair Windows is making huge strides… which is why we (you guessed it) FIX THESE TOO! Call us or come in to get a real time quote on your Windows device!


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Allison was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Friendly staff. Very busy kiosk. There is definitely a need for this service. I had my phone fixed in 30 minutes.--Val P.
Allison & Kevin were extremely knowledgeable and helpful..courteous and kind. I’ll recommend Fix Mobile at the Palmer Park Mall to all my friends & family because of the wonderful service I received from them. Thank you for fixing my iPad!-- Ann